Skin Cancers: Excisions

Dermatologists train for 4-6 years above and beyond the basic undergraduate university medical degree and junior doctor hospital training. Dermatologists are trained and certified in medical, surgical and laser dermatology treatments.

Dermatologists are, along with your GP, the first line in diagnosis and management of skin cancer.

Skin cancers and benign lesions commonly need to be surgically removed from the skin if other methods of treatment are not appropriate.

The majority of lesions are removed with a simple elliptical excision and closure leading to a fine line scar which over time fades and blends with surrounding skin. The face usually heals very well. With many scars becoming imperceptible after 6-12 months. Occasionally, the lesion is too big for a simple linear closure. In this case a flap repair where tissue is moved from and adjacent skin area or a graft repair is required. The majority of these procedures can be performed in our rooms.

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