Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

All humans sweat when exposed to hot weather, exercise and emotional upheaval.

Some people sweat so much that it affects day to day functioning, even in cooler temperatures and normal air-conditioned office environments, such that clothing can have “sweat patches” and may require a change of clothes through the day. This often leads to significant embarrassment and anxiety which can exacerbate the sweating.

The commonest area affected is the armpits. palms, soles , face and the mid chest and back can also be affected.

Treatments range from:

  1. Medical Grade anti-perspirants: these are safe, cheap and readily available and can be very effective if used correctly.
  2. Compounded “antisweat” creams which your dermatologist can prescribe.
  3. Iontophoresis: uses a light safe electrical current to paralyse the sweat glands.
  4. BOTOX R injections: There is now a Medicare rebate for this treatment. The dermatologists at Complete Dermatology Bondi are registered to perform this treatment.


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