Scars occur when there has been an injury to the dermis (the second layer of the skin).

During the healing process after injury new collagen is made which is different in chemical composition and structure from normal skin collagen. Hence the scarred area looks different from surrounding skin.

When scars are extensive, very red or thickened or spread outside the original injury site (hypertrophic / keloid scars), they can be disfiguring and /or unsightly.

Scar treatments aim to alter “scar” collagen and elastic tissue towards a normal skin collagen structure.

Scar treatments include;

  1. Scar taping and pressure: useful after minor skin surgery
  2. Corticosteroid injections: for thickened (hypertrophic) and keloid scars
  3. Vascular laser : for very red scars and early scars (up to 3 months after the
    original injury)
  4. Resurfacing laser : for old scars (6 months or longer after the original injury)

There is no “1 size fits all “ treatment of scars. Each scar needs to be evaluated and treated appropriately. Most commonly multiple treatment sessions are required and combinations of the above treatments are usually performed.

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