Injectables: Fillers

At Complete Dermatology Bondi, we use semi-permanent hyaluronic acid fillers for facial volume correction and scar treatments

Hyaluronic acid is a long chain sugar molecule and makes up part of the skin structure along with collagen and elastic tissue. Apart from a small percentage of local anaesthetic, there is no “foreign” agent in the preparation.

It is administered via fine needles into the second layer of the skin (the dermis) and occasionally deeper onto bone if greater “lift “ is desired.

Understanding of the intricacies of facial anatomy and detailed facial assessment is required to create a natural look which will replace lost volume without altering the inherent appearance of a patient.

Our philosophy is to take a stepwise approach to gradually replace volume with smaller amounts of filler over a few sessions. In that way your “natural” appearance is not altered but “refreshed” and the only one who knows you have had treatments is you !

Complications are rare and reversible. They will be discussed during your consultation with your treating dermatologist.

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