Facial aging involves all “layers” of the face.


  • The epidermis (top layer) thins and there is slower cell turnover with less lipid incorporation leading to dryness and reduced barrier function. Pigment production alters leading to patchy pigment changes and skin “greying”
  • The dermis: (intermediate layer) there is fragmentation of the collagen and elastic fibres and reduced hyaluronic acid structure leading to reduced light bounce back and a sallow, dull appearance. Fine crepe lines appear due to lack of elasticity and strength.
  • The fat layer: fat pockets occupy spaces in our face to give contour and lifting. These can “move” to create excessive bulging (eye bags) in some areas. In other areas the fat thins and leads to volume loss and sagging giving a tired “drawn” appearance.


  • Overactivity of “muscles of facial expression” can create deep lines and thickening in the forehead, around the eyes and sometimes lower face. This leads to a sad, worried or angry appearance.

Facial Bony Structure

  • Bone volume reduces with age. This important supporting structure provides contour and “lift” for the superficial facial layers.


  • Aging changes caused by excessive sun exposure. Photoaging changes are very commonly seen superimposed on intrinsic aging in Australia. The top 2 layers of the skin (epidermis and dermis) are predominantly affected. Skin alterations include:
  • Pigment alterations: large freckles and uneven tanning flat scaly brown patches and small white patches.
  • Skin thickening and coarsening due to buildup of abnormal elastic tissue (solar elastosis)
  • Broken blood vessels (capillaries)
  • Scaly red patches (precancers)
  • Dermatologists can provide treatments for aging skin, fat and facial muscles (muscles of facial expression). Some of our treatments (deep filler injections) can secondarily stimulate bone rejuvenation.
  • Dermatologists provide procedures which are relatively low downtime and low risk outpatient treatments compared with surgical interventions.


  • Superfical Peels
  • Laser Therapies for surface skin changes (pigment/capillaries/scaly patches/dryness) and superficial collagen / elastic tissue restoration.
  • Injectables for muscle aging and volume loss
  • Topicals with active agents can reduce pigmentation, improve cell turnover, increase water holding capacity of the

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